About Rust Rehab

Join one of the TOP community Vanilla Rust servers and experience Rust the way it was meant to be played!  

We have a large community of like-minded players who make Rust Rehab a great place to be.  Our server features the following:

  • 100% Vanilla (No Mods)
  • 3.5K Map
  • Active Admins who show no favoritism toward any players or groups.  Zero Admin Abuse!
  • Bi-Weekly Map and Monthly Blueprint Wipes
  • 6 Player group maximum
  • Community Discord
  • New Dedicated Fast Server
  • 150 Player Cap

To connect to the RustRehab server you can use direct IP Connect: or search “Rust Rehab” under the Community Tab in-game.

Join our Discord Server at: https://discord.gg/D9RTJUS


1. No hate speech based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference, etc. This rule applies to your voice chat, text chat, discord behavior, signs and paintings. Make sure you lock your signs, as you will be held accountable for what they say. Do not try to circumvent the language filter by misspelling racist terms, as that is still considered a violation of this rule.If you violate this rule, you will receive two warnings and on the third warning, you will receive a ban. You may submit a Ban appeal to rustrehab@gmail.com and after 24 hours, the Admin team will review your appeal. If it is your first offense and you have a respectful attitude, we will usually give you another chance.. However, if you continue to violate this rule, you will be banned from the server permanently.

Important Note: Intentionally violating this rule by spamming chat with Racism or Hate Speech, will result in an immediate permanent server ban. You will not receive a warning!

2. No toxic behavior or excessive Griefing toward other players. We are a noob friendly server and should be helpful toward new players. Examples of Griefing are as follows:

A. Blocking access to any or all portions of a player’s base not related to a raid or base takeover.

B. Blocking access to a players base after a raid with no intent to take over a base.

C. Camping naked fresh spawns on the beach or other fresh spawn locations.

D. Door camping is part of Rust and is allowed.  However, it will be up to the discretion of an Admin to determine if it has become excessive and violates our Excessive Griefing Rule.  See the separate section below title “Clarification on Excessive Griefing”

3. No Clans or Groups larger than 6 Players are allowed and must strictly adhere to the following:

A. You are permitted to roam, farm and PVP with players outside of your group, as long as your total headcount does not exceed 6 players.

B. You are only permitted to Raid or defend against Raids with members of your own team. No exceptions!

C. No Operating from a base with more than 6 group members. Only your group should have access to your code locks. If you share your code locks with players outside your group, we will consider that having more than 6 players operating from your base and that is clearly against the rules.

D. You CANNOT have a second group or slaves outside of your normal group who farm resources for you.

E. Having non-aggression packs with a neighbors is fine, we are not going to force people to kill each other. Admins will also be watching for abuse of non-aggression pacts which would be unhealthy for the server.

F. During the course of an Admin investigation, you may be asked to provide a list of your team members. Failure to comply with this request will result in your group being Banned from the server. For further clarification on the 6 Player Rule, please visit the Discord Channel titled – “6 Player Rule Questions and Answers” found here: #6-player-rule-qna

4. Respect the server admins at all times. They pay for this server and donate their time for free. We appreciate everyone playing on Rust Rehab, but our job is not to babysit immature and disrespectful players. If you have a concern about an Admin, send a PRIVATE message to Splinter in Discord. DO NOT post about it in Public Chat. WE WILL NOT HANDLE ADMIN MATTERS IN PUBLIC CHAT.

5. No use of game hacks or any form of cheating. This includes the use of Client-Side mouse scripts, such as “no-recoil” and “rapid fire” scripts. We spectate constantly and review video and logs files on a regular basis. We also share all suspected hacks and bans with FacePunch and Easy Anti-Cheat. Therefore, getting banned on Rust Rehab for hacking will likely result in a Developer specific Game Ban as well.

6. No VAC bans or developer specific game bans less than 2 years old. This applies to primary and alt accounts. We have no access to the reasons or circumstances behind your VAC/Game Bans, so please do not expect to negotiate with us regarding your Bans.

7. DO NOT Report hacking accusation or rule violations in public chat. Please PRIVATE MESSAGE an admin on the Rehab Discord Server. When you post reports in Public Chat, it tips off rule violators and we lose our opportunity to witness the issue.

8. Building walls around monuments and roads or building bases on roads is prohibited. This is to ensure everyone has access to the resources and components needed to enjoy their gameplay. This rule also includes the following prohibited actions: a. Turrets will not be permitted to be placed outside bases overlooking the road, or placed directly next to the road.

Examples of Monuments include:  Launch Site, Dome, Junk Yard, Bandit Camp, Military Tunnels, Harbor, Train Yard, Power Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Caves, Mining Outposts, Gas Stations, Supermarkets, etc….

Exception: You may build walls around the quarry monuments and caves. However, you may only control 1 per player/group. It is FacePunch’s intention that players will compete for control of the quarries and caves.

Note: Base griefing rules do not apply to bases which are built inside of a walled off quarry.

9. Raiding is a reality in Rust, but you can raid with class. Permanently locking people out of their bases, stealing bases with no intent to occupy or destroying them for no good reason is not allowed on this server. Please review the section on griefing for other examples that apply.

10. Your game name cannot contain special characters. They cause problems for the admin tools and make it more difficult to help you if needed.

11. Server Bans must be appealed by submitting an appeal request via email to: RustRehab@gmail.com. Appeals are reviewed by a team of 3 admins, you will be notified of our decision usually within 24 hours, but it may take longer depending on how busy we are. Remember, you broke the rules, so being patient.

12. Admin matters WILL NOT be discussed in Public Chat. This includes in-game chat and discord. Admin matters are handled in private between the Admin team and the concerned parties.


We have a lot of experienced groups on the server and we welcome all of you. However, we are seeing (first hand) a lot of fully geared players (armor, AK’s, etc.) killing players on sight who are farming with nothing but rocks or stone tools. We are getting flooded with complaints from players who can’t step out of their wooden 2×2 bases to even chop a tree, without getting killed by a fully geared player. This is happening to new players repeatedly and they often leave the server as a result.

The intent of Rust Rehab has ALWAYS been to have the proper balance, where new players as well as experienced players can have fun. We WILL NOT compromise on that goal! If PVP is your main desired gameplay, there are plenty of experienced and fully geared groups to PVP with on this server. You don’t have to look far to find them! However, the fresh spawn hitting a tree with a rock, trying to build a wooden 2 X 2, has nothing you need. Quit using them for your personal target practice!

We are not saying “don’t kill naked players” and we will not make a rule against that. After all, you may be involved in a PVP battle or Raid and someone could be running back fully naked trying to get to their body. Someone could also be running between bases loaded full of loot and be fully naked, we get that and this is not what we are talking about. We are specifically talking about fresh spawns who are obviously just starting out and have nothing you need. You obviously know before you pull the trigger, what the specific situation is.

Here’s a clue, if someone is using a rock or primitive stone tool to farm, they are very likely a new player just getting started. Instead of killing them, how about throwing them a couple of upgraded tools and helping them out. Why? Because that new player you help out today, will build a bigger base, collect more loot and give you someone to PVP or Raid later on. Also, they will return to the server next wipe and help to keep the population growing.

I appreciate all of you on this server, but want to be clear that the admin team WILL continue to spectate and WILL be warning and/or removing players and groups who are unwilling to operate within the spirit of gameplay that is healthy for this community. We WILL NOT allow toxic groups who think it’s fun to KOS fresh spawns, to ruin this server or hurt the population. If you or your group is guilty of this, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I leave you all with a thought and question I have repeated many times, it takes a great community to make a great server. How much fun will you have if this server is empty?   Do your part!

One of the most often asked questions on Rust-Rehab is “What is considered Excessive Griefing?” First of all, we define griefing as engaging in behavior that is intended to ruin another players gaming experience. Examples are as follows:

1. Camping a naked fresh spawn (beach). 2. Blocking doorways or base entrances/exits with upgraded structures. 3. Walling off or code-locking Tool Cupboards with no intent to take over the base. 4. Needlessly destroying a base in a manner that is unnecessary to Raid and gain access to loot. 5. Door camping for more than 30 minutes (as a general rule), or smaller periods of time with continuous return visits. This will be up to an Admins discretion to determine whether or not it is excessive.

Remember, it should be everyone’s goal to help build up the community. After all, it’s no fun to play on an empty server. Therefore, keep in mind that while you may personally think griefing is fun, it empties servers quickly! How much fun will you have then?

Also, we are a noob friendly server. Instead of shooting fresh spawns, perhaps you could offer them advice and a couple of tools to get them started. Why? Because if you give them a chance to get started, you will have another opponent’s base to Raid and battle in the future.

The excessive griefing rule is and will continue to be enforced! If this playing style does not match what you are looking for, we certainly understand and would rather you play on another server.